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About ME


I am Bhavana, founder, lead instructor and managing director at Praroha Yoga Studio. My journey started with asana practice and now yoga sadhana has gripped me; now my goal is to remain a student of yoga for life. I consider my teaching as a way to enhance my own learning.

I entered the world of Yoga at age 10 and was a diligent practitioner till studies and work took priority. Post that I was on and off with Yoga feeling great when I practiced it and craving to go back when I am not practicing. The stress of a corporate job caught up to me and I not only gained excess weight but also lost a sense of excitement and curiosity in life; I knew the answer was in Yoga. I approached a trained Iyengar teacher to take private lessons for me. The happiness and enthusiasm I experienced on the mat slowly colored my world. It’s my mission now to help others achieve the same joy and happiness yoga has given me.

"Our Mantra"

It’s Important how you feel not how you look. This simple sentence says it all but allow me to explain a
little further. At Praroha, we focus on building strength and understanding good alignment. Students are
not just instructed into an asana but are offered an environment to explore their body. Sessions are
meant to educate everyone about the asanas and how it affects their body. Props are used heavily to
make the practice more accessible and sustainable.

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